Vinyl Wrap Colour Change - London

3M Vinyl Wrapped BMW

Gone are the days when you need to have a time consuming costly respray to change the colour of your vehicle. Advances in material technology means that this can now achieved using coloured vinyl.

These flawless, bright, glossy (or matt!) materials are literally stunning to behold. Using pigments, metallics, and textures that simply cannot be replicated with standard automotive paint techniques.

Hexis Wrapped Range Rover

There are many other finishes in addtion to gloss and matt. Carbon fibre effect is always an enduring favourite for covering bonnets, roofs, mirrors, spoilers and other trim parts, even on interiors. Other finishes include brushed metal, leather effect, alligator skin, and even velvet!

A strong selling point popular with clients is that the process is completely REVERSABLE. That means your cherished vehicle will remain like new underneath your vinyl wrap. It will be protected from stone chips, abrasion, UV damage and chemicals. This could prove VERY important come trade in time. You can stand out from the crowd in your wrapped vehicle, and have the wrap removed at any time, leaving your vehicle untouched.

Fully Guaranteed
We will cover the integrity of your vehicle wrap for 5 years! We guarantee it will not fade, peel, or detach. If you have an accident we can refinish individual panels with perfect colour matching every time. Contact us for a quote.

3M Colour Charts
Hexis Colour Charts